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Para Medical Courses in interdisciplinary medical subjects are becoming extremely significant in Health Care delivery systems. In the recent years, there has been a growing need for qualified and well-trained Para Medical personnel who form an essential constituent of medical profession. In order to meet the increasing demand for qualified and trained Para Medical personnel.

Courses Offered

Diploma in Laboratory Technology:- (Duration – 1 year full time)

Become a technician in pathology laboratories in private diagnostic laboratories and hospitals. As a medical laboratory technician or assistant, you'll conduct routine lab tests for pathologist, microbiologists/bacteriologists, biochemists, clinical chemist, pharmacologists or veterinarians.

Working under supervision, you will:

  • Examine micro – organism or changes in cells and tissues
  • Perform chemical analyses of blood and other body fluids
  • Assist with research into biochemical or genetic processes
Diploma in X - Ray Technician:- (Duration – 1 year full time)

Diploma programs in X-Ray technology are often combined with medical assisting programs, students take courses that cover X –Ray procedures, clerical tasks and basic lab work.

Diploma in Operations Theatre Technician:- (Duration – 1 year full time)

An Operation theatre technician is a person who looks after all the work and mgmt. of the operations theatre which includes managing the patients in & out of OT, looking after all the surgical instruments, their sterilization, arrangements of OT table, dressing table, instrument table, anesthesia table as well as mgmt. of the staff. Looking after the drugs required for surgery, anesthetic gases, drapes & all the linen & their sterilization. He/She also assist the surgeon during the operations.

In short, therefore, an operation theatre technician has to manage & organize whole of the operation theatre without whom no surgeon can operate on the patients & neither can a hospital or a nursing home run or be complete.

Diploma in Anesthesia Technician (Duration – 1 year full time)

Anesthesia technician help to ensure the current functioning of anesthesia equipment before, during and after surgical procedures. They contributes to safe and efficient anesthesia care by assessing dosages of medications given to patients and supporting the anesthesia provider during the insertion of medical devices. Many work hours might be spent standing technicians may need to lift or turn patients

Diploma in Orthopeadic Technician (1 year full time)

The Orthopaedic Technologist (OT) is a specifically trained allied health care individual who assists the orthopaedic surgeon in the practice of medicine. An OT is an extension of the orthopaedic surgeon and assists in the care of sick and disabled persons. OTs must have the ability to relate well to other people, be considerate of their conditions and able to communicate with patients in understanding their anxieties and fears. An OT is familiar with routine office and departmental procedures and is able to perform certain basic nursing functions.





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News & Press Releases

  • India’s renowned and famous Liver -

     Transplant Surgeon Dr. Manish Verma (Apollo Hospital Hyderabad) now will be available at Shri Balaji Super Speciality Hospital, Raipur on every 1st Friday of the month

  • Shri Balaji Institute of Medical Science (SBIMS) -

      has consequently second year received “Excellence Award for The Best Superspeciality Hospital of Chhattisgarh.

  • Renal Transplant -

    The team of Shri Balaji Hospital has successfully performed their 1st Renal Transplant Surgery last month, till date we have done 5 successful Transplant Surgeries. 

  • 6th Annual Day Celebration -

    On the successful completion of glorious 6 years, have celebrated our 6th Anniversary on 15th feb 2015.

  • Shri Balaji Trauma & Super Speciality Hospita, Second Hospital (Branch) at Korba -

    Shri Balaji Institute of Medical Science Raipur is going to have it’s second hospital (Branch) at Korba named Shri Balaji Trauma & Super Speciality Hospital, going to inaugurate on 9th Aug 2015.

  • Shri Balaji Super Speciality Hospita - Tikapar, Third Hospital (Branch) at Tikapara, Raipur - 23 October 2016 -

    Shri Balaji Institute of Medical Science Raipur is going to have it’s Third hospital (Branch) at Raipur named Shri Balaji Super Speciality Hospita - Tikapar, going to inaugurate on 23rd Oct 2016.

  • Stents and Knee implants -

    Stents and Knee implants available in Lilavati Hospital at Gove